Programs & Projects

1.Programs and Projects:

  • CSI Bishop Prabhudas Evangelists Training Centre, Jagityal, since 2007
  • CSI Bishop Devasahayam Voluntary Church Workers Training, Alir, since 2007
  • CSI Bishop Swamidas Laity Development, Karimnagar, since 2007
  • Girl Child – Care Development / Drop out Girls self sustaining programs
  • CSI Dr. Christa Women Empowerment Programs for young girls.
  • Girls Tailoring Center at Karimnagar, since 2008
  • CSI Sally Prabhudas Memorial Hostel for Girls, Karimnagar, since 2008
  • CSI Devanesam Memorial Hostel for Girls, Jagityal, since 2009
  • CSI Premaiah Memorial Hostel for Boys, Desaipet, since 2010

2.Socio Economic Projects:

  • Mango Groove Project at Alier, Nalgonda Dt.
  • Flourosis Eradication project at Mothkur, Nalgonda Dt.
  • Flourosis Eradication project at Veldevula, Nalgonda Dt.
  • Child Focus Community Development Project Tramadol Hcl (CFCD) in Thungathurthy.
  • Teak Plantation at Alier, Nalgonda Dt.
  • Teak Plantation at Siricilla, Karimnagar Dt.

3.Five Day Care Centers:  Since 2009

  • Bishop Solomon Day Care Centre, Kodimyal
  • Bishop Prabhudass Memorial Day Care Centre, Panigiri
  • Rev. Jetti Azariah Day Care Centre, Anthergoan
  • Bishop Swamidas Day Care Centre, Arnakonda.
  • Sister Mary Thomas Day Care Centre, Parkal.

4.Widows Help:  periodically given by the Women’s Fellowship

  • Unemployed Wives of Pastors Help: Rs.500/- per month.
  • Prayer Halls/ Churches and Community Centers are being built.
  • Compound Walls are being built.
  • Evangelists Houses/ Parsonages are being built.
  • Old Parsonages and churches are being renovated.
  • Commercial complex in Nekkonda under construction.
  • Pisgah and Yatrik Hotel in Hyderabad is streamlined.



1.Inaugurating shortly "Adult Literacy Training Program" in 25 centres in the Diocese in association with Seva Bharath, Hyderabad.
2."Lay Preachers Training Program" by the Rt. Rev. Dr. P. Surya Prakash Thandrigaru at the CSI Wesley Cathedral, Karimnagar, on 25.08.12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
3.CSI Church Dedication Service by the Rt. Rev. Dr. P. Surya Prakash Thandrigaru and Smt. P. Vindhya Rani Thalligaru at Thatipamla Village, Phanigiri Pastorate, AGCC, CSI Karimnagar Diocese, on 26.08.2012 at 11 a.m.
4."Equipping Rural Congregations" a program conducted by CSI Synod Pastors Concerns Departments at CSI Wesley Cathedral from 27th to 29th August 2012.

Chief Guests: The Rt. Rev. Dr. P. Surya Prakash, Bishop in Karimnagar
The Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Prasad Rao, Bishop in Dornakal
Smt. P. Vindhya Rani Thalligaru, President, DWFB & Convener, DCCM
The Rev. T. I. James, Director, Pastors Concerns Department, CSI Synod.